Bootstrap 4 Officially Released!

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Twitter Bootstrap 4 is here! As you probably know, at concrete5 we've used Bootstrap as the basis for our administrative components and backend interface since the version 1 days, so we're very excited. There's a lot that is new, but here's a high level look:

SASS Based

This is probably not news to everyone else in the world, but Bootstrap is now derived from SASS and SASS alone. We've used LESS as our CSS pre-processor for years, and it's even built into the core and the basis for our customizable stylesheets, but we'll certainly be embracing SASS and its place in our build process going forward.


There are tons of new classes, which are primarily additive: just stack different classes on different elements to get lots of nifty new effects.


Lots of components like panels, thumbnails, wells and other items have been replaced with cards, which is a single way of handling a lot of different web use cases. Check them out.


Bootstrap is now based on CSS's display: flex property, which means support for lots of nicer layout options than the old float model.


How will this impact concrete5? Too soon to say, but we are excited about our tenth anniversary in 2018, and the ensuing version 9 release that will come along with it. Stay tuned!

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