The Path of Least Resistance

In 2009, I decided to write and record an album. Here it is.

1. On Your Own

2. Business

3. Spotlight

4. Nobody's Perfect

5. Love Song

Ok. So it's not a full album. Only five tracks, weighing in at less than 20 minutes. But it still took me nearly a year to write, record, mix and put together.

Originally, the idea had been to release one song per month, over the course of 2009. This was proposed by my friend Erin, whose New Year's resolution had been to take one photograph per day, for the entire year. I'm not sure how she did, but I fell behind almost immediately. It took me half a year to complete the first track. With that in mind, this is probably a pretty solid set.

All told, I'm pretty proud of this. I've learned quite a few things. I'm a better guitarist. I miss playing the drums, but I'm pretty good at programming them. This project has also cultivated quite a bit of patience in me, as nearly every note in every format had to be played several times (sometimes countless times) before it could be kept and saved.

I'd love to know what you think. You can download an MP3 file from each track's page, or download all tracks here. Also, if you're interested, I've compiled a hilarious list of factoids, that I present to you here:

What I learned while recording this album. Auto-tune is used once in these set of tracks, solely for effect. I am not T-Pain.

By contrast, mellotron is used four times in three tracks. That is because mellotron is awesome. (Note to Apple: "mellotron" is not a misspelled word.)

There are two awesome screams to be found in these five tracks. I probably enjoyed recording these screams much more than I should have. I imagine our neighbors did not share this sentiment.

I can probably describe, in cringe-worthy detail, each and every spot of noticeable and glaring flatness in my vocals, throughout these five tracks.

It is my firm belief that the quality and power of rock found in these songs isdirectly responsible for my iMac's premature demise. It isn't dead yet, but it is on its last legs. There were supposed to be six tracks included in this set, but there's no way my machine is making it. I'll save that for next time.

My favorite moment in these tracks is the bridge/outro to "Nobody's Perfect," mostly because it actually succeeds in rocking.

There is a Hannah Montana song named Nobody's Perfect. I am not covering that song.

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