Should You Really Reinvent the Wheel? An Interview in PHP Solutions Magazine

July 01, 2013
An interview I did last year with Michael Gray just came out in PHP Solutions Magazine! Read on if you're interested in PHP frameworks and some thoughts on programming in general. (Update 7/1/2013: PDF Available)

Performance Improvements in concrete5 5.6.1

January 19, 2013
First, a bit of history, then a breakdown of what we've done to make concrete5 so much faster in this new release.

Great Review of concrete5 in Linux Format Magazine

July 26, 2012
We come in #1 in their CMS showdown.

concrete5 5.5 Sample Content & Starting Points

February 01, 2012
concrete5 5.5 makes it easy to create your own installation sample content with a new file format we call CIF: content import format.

Installing concrete5 from the Command Line

January 30, 2012
Anyone want to install concrete5 from the command line? 5.5 and our command line installer will let you do just that.

concrete5 5.5 Add-On Developers: Create Your Own concrete5 Demo

January 28, 2012
This article provides guidelines and code to let concrete5 add-on developers or anyone setup a concrete5 demo, complete with a limited administrative user, auto-installed packages, and locked down permissions. The demo can easily be reset at any time. (Note this how-to is for concrete5 5.5.0 and later.)

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