Unable to Change A Records at GoDaddy DNS? Read this!

Recently, while helping an acquaintance with his website, I came upon a curious problem: it was time to launch the website, but I couldn't change the DNS A record at GoDaddy. I host my domains at GoDaddy; I'm no stranger to their DNS management interface. Here's what it usually looks like:

Working Image

Unfortunately, this was not the case on this particular domain.

Broken Image

What was going on here? No one seemed to know the answer. Searching GoDaddy's help and Google yielded nothing. I was about to give up when I saw in this page, "Domain Settings" – look toward the top.


It's not on the page any longer (because I didn't think to screenshot it at the time), but there was a Squarespace logo indicating that my website was connected to a Squarespace site. GoDaddy makes it easy to connect domains to certain website providers, by automatically entering their A records and certain other settings. It also locks those records!

The fix? Delete that connection. Then you'll be able to edit your A records.

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