My Survivalism Remix

Trent Reznor made waves in 2005 by releasing several tracks as multitrack projects for Apple’s GarageBand software. Recently, he did it again for Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming album, Year Zero.

I used to be interested in home recording (well, as interested as budget and recording space would allow.) Now, after several years and a few hardware upgrades, I’ve decided to get back in the game. So I made my own remix of the NiN track, Survivalism.

It’s not perfect: I had hoped to actually record some extra keyboards for it, but my keyboard is at a friend’s house; it’s neither EQed, compressed nor mastered; it was done in around two hours. But I think it’s alright, and might even hesitantly assert that it’s a bit poppier than the original track, and builds quite well (whereas the original launches almost immediately into a frenetic, electro-punk thrash.)

Let me know what you think. Oh, and please listen the whole way through – I hope the slower beginning doesn’t put you off.

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