Welcome to the new

It's taken over a year, but I'm finally proudly able to present the new version of I hope that this functions as a great showcase of how Concrete5 can be used as a blog, and the custom development that I've done to make that happen. To that end, I'm presenting a series of articles on exactly how that's happened.

Concrete5 Implementation Guide:

In this series I'll explore how I'm blogging, including topics like

  • My editor (a customized Markdown editor block I hope to include in the marketplace for free very soon.)
  • My page type and composer setup
  • Responsive and custom thumbnails for posts
  • My usage of custom attributes
  • Customizations for pretty URLs
  • Statistics customizations
  • My tag and topic setup
  • Instagram and twitter integration
  • Conversations setup
  • How I've built the righthand sidebar
  • Caching and performance work
  • Much more...

Let me know if you have questions about any specific aspect of the site and I'd be happy to post about it.

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