What's new in 5.7: G-L

Our tour of all that's new in Concrete5 version 7 continues with the letter G:

Grids & Containers

Concrete5 themes can now specify support for grid systems like Bootstrap, 960, Zurb Foundation and more. Several grids come built-in with 5.7, and developers can specify their own through code. These grids and containers can be supported by block types, and by the built-in layout system. That means layout you build with Concrete5.7 can be responsive, and snap to pre-determined grid points.

Help System

Version 7.4 of Concrete5 introduces a brand-new help system – complete with walkthroughs – that should help anyone new to Concrete5.

Image Editing

5.7 contains a completely new image editor, with support for rotation, cropping, scaling, filters and more.


Almost every bit of JavaScript used in Concrete5's UI – from the front-end edit mode to the backend search interfaces – has been rewritten. It is now much easier to extend, maintain and improve over time.

Killing Old Code

In the same vein, we've ruthlessly discarded old crufty bits of Concrete5 that didn't work or didn't meet our standards. Old templates, table-based layouts, inconvenient classes – nothing was safe. The result is a code base that adheres to modern PHP standards and will be a breath of fresh air to developers.


Layouts have been completely rewritten. They now are editable in page and feature grid support, cascading area permissions support, and much more.

More Later

That's all for now. Next time we'll be starting with the letter M.

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