The ABCs of Concrete5 Version 7

For Concrete5 newbies and veterans alike – learn about all that's new in version 5.7.

Are you familiar with Concrete5 but haven't checked out 5.7? It's understandable. When it launched in Fall of 2014, it was a major new version with new code requirements, no compatible add-ons, no upgrade path from 5.6, and little documentation. We did the best we could with the transition, but it was never going to be painless. That said, with version 7.4 that just came out, concrete5 has never been better. The system once again has a thriving marketplace, good (and still evolving) documentation and developers who are excited. This is the perfect time to check out what you've been missing.

In fact, so much is new that I've decided on an unconventional format for this feature. I'm going to pick features for every letter of the English alphabet. Get ready to learn more about Concrete5 version 7 than you ever thought possible.

06 01 2015

Our topics include: Grids, Help System, Image Editing, JavaScript, Killing old Code, Layouts

06 12 2015

Multilingual, Namespacing, ORM, Panels, Query Builder and Responsive Design

07 01 2015

Symfony, Standards, Text Editing, Users (and Groups), Update System, Views, Working with Page Types and Templates, Doctrine XML, Your Site, and Zend Framework 2